The Mess Mug

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 Authentic Gold leaf ring Chief's Mess mug.

 I’ve been working on bringing items inspired by Navy heritage to this collection and I’m thrilled to offer a truly unique addition. Seeing these mugs adorning the chief's mess wall was a strong symbol of Navy life. The spectacle presented by the emblazoned mug -with your accolades & name on the side will always be a sign of tradition and pride. I’m proud to offer the Lausten Found Chief’s mess mug to you! 

 “So, the big thing about coffee cups, and in the Chief's Mess, more so than anywhere else is that they are seasoned. This means never wash out that coffee cup.
The Navy buys shit coffee more often than not. The seasoned coffee cup balances out the flavor. Makes the terrible stuff drinkable.
Old coffee in a cup signifies seniority and stature. On deployments you can’t be with your loved ones, but at least the coffee tastes the same as when you were with them.
So it’s a bit different with different people, but it shows experience, and holds on to memories.“
 - MRC